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WhatsApp Status for ex Girlfriend in Hindi

WhatsApp Status for ex-girlfriend in Hindi: Aaj Kal WhatsApp ki love Trending Ban gayi Yar! Lol, yeah! It’s true, as the generation changed, people are keep moving with technology, today they are using technology to be happy in their relationships. It’s not so bad but yeah it’s a smart way of loving and caring people especially. WhatsApp not only helped to build friendly, lovely environment but also became an important cause for many individuals breaks up. So, few WhatsApp users have ex girlfriends and ex boyfriends in their personal life. As you all know that, this is a special blog specially made for WhatsApp Status, so i’m here going to provide WhatsApp Status for ex girlfriend in Hindi for all of you. Why Hindi? Because it’s one of the top most language spoken across the world.

WhatsApp Status for ex Girlfriend in Hindi

WhatsApp Status for ex Girlfriend in Hindi

People often fell in love, after sometime they put an end to their love with or without a reason and it varies from person to person. Everyone don’t have same reason for their relationship break up, moreover some are having their own issues. Finally they end up by hating each other. In this WhatsApp Status for ex girlfriend in Hindi, i am gonna provide few whatsapp statuses which are completely neutral and their intention was to show the affection or feeling between ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriend. Since boys feel pity more than a girl after break up.

WhatsApp Status for ex-girlfriend in Hindi

  • Log kehte hai ki mohabbat ek bar hoti hain,
    Lekin me jb jb use dekhu mujhe hr bar hoti h
  • मोहब्बत किससे और कब हो जाये अदांजा नहीं होता..!
    ये वो घर है, जिसका दरवाजा नहीं होता..!!
  • होता अगर मुमकिन, तुझे साँस बना कर रखते सीने में,
    तू रुक जाये तो मैं नही, मैं मर जाऊँ तो तू नही

  • Woh Silsile, Woh Shauq, Woh Aadat Nahin Rahi;
    Phir Yeh Hua Ke Dard Mein Shiddat Nahin Rahi!
  • Shehar Mein Lagta Nahin Sahra Mein Ghabrata Hai Dil;
    Ab Kahan Le Ja Ke Baithein Aise Deewane Ko Hum!
  • मैं झुक गया तो वो सज़दा समझ बैठे,
    मैं तो इन्सानियत निभा रहा था,
    वो खुद को ख़ुदा समझ बैठे।।
  • तुम्हारी बादशाह बनने की ख्वाइश ऐसी अलबेली हे की ,जेसे राजा भोज बने गंगू तेली ।
  • ख्वाहिशों को जेब में रखकर निकला कीजिये, जनाब; खर्चा बहुत होता है, मंजिलों को पाने में!
  • Na wo aa sake na hum kabhi jaa sake,
    Na dard dil ka kisi ko suna sake,
    Bas baithe hain yaadon mein unki,
    Na unhone yaad kiya or na hm unko bhula sake.
  • Mujhse mat puch ki kyun aankhein jhuka li maine,
    Teri tasveer thi in aankho me wo tujhi se chhupa li mene.
  • Fikr toh teri aaj bhi karte hain,
    Bas jikr karne ka hak nahi raha
  • काश वो भी आकर हम से कह दे
    मैं भी तन्हाँ हूँ ,तेरे बिन, तेरी तरह , तेरी कसम , तेरे लिए !Auron se to umeed ka rishta bhi nahi tha
    Tum itne badal jaoge socha bi nai tha..!!

Overall, After breakup people might be having their choices and preferences but it doesn’t mean that they should not think about each other, they should not care about each other. Everyone have their ideology and decision-making knowledge. So according to everyone’s mindset we have added all best WhatsApp Status for ex-girlfriend in Hindi, above are some cool WhatsApp status to impress even your ex-girlfriend. Give it a try and let me know how do you think about these!

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